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Innovation Through Applied Common Sense

Situation: This 20+ year old state-funded agency needed to re-brand and re-position itself to appeal to a new generation of business clients.

Branding Challenge: Agency’s name was long and clunky and no longer descriptive of their function, but due to state funding issues, could not be changed. Existing branding was staid and outdated. Additionally, sales personnel had no up-to-date descriptions of its evolutionary changes in function, personality or processes for arriving at innovative solutions for its clients.

Branding Solution: To reinvent the organization’s image, we began by truncating its name to “HVTDC”, thus eliminating a troublesome complication. The new logo emblem and graphic identity were designed to project energy and vitality, incorporating the new acronym. A new tag line, “Innovation Through Applied Common Sense”, was developed to explain the agency’s “Lean Process” solutions.

Marketing Challenge: Recent scandals in the business arena had given business consulting firms a black eye and in many business circles ‘business consulting’ had come to signify large fees and boiler plate solutions without valid implementation.

Marketing Solution: Collateral materials and print ads were developed to help separate the agency from those consulting firms recently in the news. “We see things a little differently around here” became the agency’s main headline. Followed by a series of comparison statements such as,
> “You See just another business consulting group ready to charge high fees for boilerplate solutions.”
> “We See an opportunity to improve your business processes through customized innovation tailored exclusively to your operations.”

Result: HVTDC now has a highly energized public image and has picked up several new accounts it might not have been able to attract in its previous incarnation.