Three Ways to Order Off of Our Menu

Canned Fire is an award-winning, full-service creative communications firm that’s more interested in achieving your goals than in building our portfolio. Think of us as a hybrid; part design/creative studio, part marketing firm and part (just a sliver) ad agency.

We founded our firm on the idea that every client – large or small – deserves the same creativity, attention to detail and respect. With this core principle in mind, we’ve shaped three very different service offerings for your consideration.

For the details of each, please click the tabs below. Better yet, why not just contact us to set up an exploratory conversation?

a La Carte Dishes

A la CarteBy The Project
+ Logos & Branding
+ Print Materials
+ Advertising
+ Web Sites & SEO
+ Product Animation
+ Videos/Commercials

As a micro business, you may not have the need for anything more than a great logo and a killer brochure. For that matter, maybe you’re a larger entity who’s just identified one or two specific needs and doesn’t want to get stuck investing in an expensive ad agency or full marketing program. This category is for you. Choose “one from column A and one from column B” and take it home to serve up as you see necessary.

Complete Meals

fullmeals_smBy The Program
+ Branding Programs
+ Advertising Campaigns
+ Sales Programs
+ Product or Service Marketing
+ Raising Funds
+ Strategy Consulting

Like most chefs, we’d prefer you experience one or more of our complete meals. Whether it’s a straightforward branding project or a more complex sales or advertising program, we serve up exactly the combination of dishes, sauces and wait staff you’re looking for. And, by ordering a complete meal you get better prices than simply ordering each dish a la carte.

In-House Catering

CateringIn-house Marketing Department
+ 6, 12 & 18-month Retainers
+ Proactive Planning
+ Ongoing Implementation
+ Media Strategy & Placement
+ Long-term Consulting
+ Amortized Pricing

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your very own in-house marketing department? Not as far-fetched as you might think. Many of our clients are on long-term programs of 6, 12 or 18 months. Long-term relationships mean we truly come to know you and your products. It also gives clients with limited budgets a way to amortize the costs of creating first-class creative products over the life of our agreement. A win-win for all concerned.