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Futrfab, Inc.
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Enabling Innovation Through Revolution

Situation: Futrfab, Inc. owns revolutionary patented and patent-pending processes for Integrated Circuit manufacturing still confidential at this time. First-round funding covered basic administrative costs for development, but the company was ready to raise serious money in its second round of financing for R&D, construction and rollout.

Challenge: The newly formed corporation was struggling to communicate a visionary ideal encompassing the technical nature of their processes in a straightforward message that would translate well to lay people and adequately represent their financial potential to sophisticated investors.

Solution: Canned Fire developed and implemented a strongly branded, strategic marketing program to communicate the novelty of its processes and a dynamic presentation that illustrated both innovation and financial worth.

The ultimate tag line, “Enabling Innovation Through Revolution”, embodied the visionary nature of their patents. Incorporating the theme and its overriding message into all of their messaging vehicles, investors were invited to join a team that was blazing a new and exciting path in semiconductor manufacturing.

A sophisticated corporate presentation kit, web site and collateral materials communicated the vision to the general community, while a highly confidential promotional video, product animation, and PowerPoint presentation was developed for serious investors.

Result: Futrfab now has a highly recognizable brand identity, sophisticated and descriptive corporate materials and a focused sales message they are confident will deliver desired results.